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Greetings!! This is Rock Lee. I hope that your day has been very splendid, and that your youth is at full power!

Please leave a message here, and I will respond within a minute... no, five seconds!!
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This is the Appointments post for any miscellaneous interactions with Lee in Luceti that don't fit within a given post.

Just give a date and place, and whether this will be via journal or in-person!
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Originally from here! Thanks, Dana.

what is it?

Listed here will be a comprehensive network of medical professionals, healers, and other first aid responders who have contacted Natalia, or Malia, or Lee and communicated their desire to help the community at large during moments of disaster, aka any given event period. In addition, she (then she, then he) invited anyone with combat expertise who would be interested in working alongside the healers to make sure that they are able to cover wide areas without suffering more injuries.

OOCly, it'll also have the function of an extra opportunity for new CR during events if you want Rock Lee to assign your character to work with another one in order to save people/NPCs.

All are welcome to join, just fill out the handy dandy form below for ease of house-keeping, thanks!

Character: Name ([personal profile] username)
Canon: Canon Name
Position: Medic or Fighter? Also feel free to put Both if that applies!
Abilities: healing, first aid, medical knowledge/experience, combat experience, lights things on fire, can cook minute rice in 58 seconds, what have you!
Contact for Teams? Please specify Yes or No! If enough Yes answers are gathered, during events with functioning technology, Rock Lee will send out a text to pairs of characters to ask them to work together if you're interested in generating more CR. You're also welcome to say "Yes, with reservations" such as specifying you only want new CR or established CR for these pairs, but if not then I'll probably go at random!
Anything Else? Just in case you want me to know something extra, just make note of it here or feel free to PM Natalia's journal.

the team )
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Like a river of youthly tears, flow onwards...


Feb. 14th, 2015 09:08 pm
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Comments and critiques for the Wild Beast!
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This is the set-up! )


[Rock Lee appears in front of the video feed. Unlike his usual self, he appears more sullen and reserved. Raw and hurt, as he speaks.]

People of Luceti... This is Rock Lee. I am here to deliver news about two people you may know. One was Hyuuga Neji... the genius of the Hyuuga clan and an eternal rival whom I will never defeat. And the other... is Sakura Haruno. She is the most powerful kunoichi in the entire world, and very likely the most beautiful as well. Well, second-most-powerful, if Tsunade-sama is counted.

Both of them... have returned back to their home. [It was unsual to consider how small their numbers how dwindled to. Shikamaru now was the only Konoha ninja remaining, and the only others from their world are now Temari and Itachi.] Please, remember them fondly, and wish them the best in their endeavors. I have found some letters written by both of them. If you would like them, you should face me for them.

[He closes his eyes for a moment in thought.]

It also seems that... the Dancing Red Supportive Angel of Paris, Erica Fontaine, is no longer in Luceti either. [He had tried filtering a message to her, ready to truly ask her out on a date at long last. The filter broke.] Those who seek me... I will be in the Battle Dome. My intentions are to train until I can no longer move.

[He closes his eyes in thought.

Sakura, Neji, Erica, Naruto, Kushina, Minato, Ikki. Rapunzel. Everyone who was bright and/or represented hope in some way went home eventually. Rock Lee was left to endure on his own, and to try to find that hope within him once again.

But he could not find it yet. He can't even manage a parting smile as he closes the journal.]


[Rock Lee squats one room of the Battle Dome for the entire day. He has erected a makeshift sign outside of the door reading "Reserved for the Preservation of Youth".

He spends the entire day working through that room, enduring constant and rigorous training in simulations fighting against enemies from his own world. He cannot quite stomach to face a simulation of Neji, but all of his other rivals or enemies are fair game to appear in hologram form. Gaara, Kisame, Obito, Madara, Kimimaro, Sasuke and Naruto himself are the opponents at different times. His final opponent of the day, when he's on his last legs, is Gai-Sensei himself.

However, the holograms are not exactly perfect. Some of the holograms have some unusual abilities caused by Lee trying to fill in the gaps of abilities that he did not know about, and most of the time it ends up being fire breath. And nearly all of the holograms were made in a hurry, resulting in them having some bizarre flaws in their appearance similar to the uncanny valley effect. Some of them end up with small beady eyes, others end up with oddly large and detailed hands. Sometimes, their body features shift oddly as they move, as if they're being poorly animated...]
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[It's been two years since he arrived in Luceti - since he literally dropped right in. Today, he takes a moment to think back on everything - on all the friends he's gained and lost in his time here. He's said goodbye to Naruto twice. He fell for Rapunzel and lost her to her own world. Gai-Sensei came and left. And throughout all of this, he had struggled with the fate of Neji. Now? Only a few of his fellow ninjas from Konoha were left in this village, plus Temari and the missing nin Itachi. He had still made such great friends here in this world. And today, he decided this would be the day. To set several matters straight: in terms of training, departures and matters of the heart. The time has finally come.]


[He starts off with a cheery greeting.]

Greetings, people of Luceti! This is Rock Lee... Konoha's Beautiful Green Wild Beast! I hope that you are all enjoying the springtime of your youth currently! However... I have some news to report.

[But he goes on with a more serious - or more specifically, a sadder tone.]

I do not think that anyone else has reported this to the village at large. So... I shall take this upon myself. Within the last few weeks, several people from our world have been returned home. They are... Kakashi-sensei, Mikoto Uchiha, Kushina Uzumaki and the Yondaime Hokage, also known as Minato Namikaze. They are all... very important people back home, with much work to do. P-please remember them fondly!

[It's one thing for Kakashi - he's still alive back home, but Lee will worry for him now that he is rejoining the war effort. On the other hand, the majority of the enclosure likely does not know this, but announcing Minato and Kushina's departures is the same as announcing their deaths. It's crushing to consider not only with they not remember him at home, but when he gets home, it seems like he'll never get the chance to truly know either of them. They're gone.

Lee closes his eyes for a moment before he goes on.]

They were involved in a- a number of projects around the enclosure. [That's his way of winking at the existence of the Alliance/Projects on a pubic network.] I do not know what it's fate will be. But I know that I will take up one project that was given to me! I have offered several of you lessons in hand-to-hand combat in the past. So, I would like to expand this into a regular taijutsu class! Any number of you can meet up with me on any morning for lessons in these physical fighting arts! In a place like this, it is important that we all learn how to defend ourselves and to become stronger! At the same time? I also encourage all of my students to try to think of ways to train our wings, so that one day we may obtain true flight!

I believe that will be all. For now... please enjoy this youthful summer afternoon! [He gives a thumbs up and a cheery smile before he switches to a filter.]

Filtered to Erica Fontaine )


[Rock Lee can be found at a variety of locales throughout the village! In the early morning, he jogs around the village and does a number of exercises virtually anywhere around the village. Also, he makes sure to send out deliveries to any 'students' of his or anyone else he has interested who hasn't gotten one yet: essentially, a green jumpsuit in their size will be left at their doorstep.

Around noon, he is found at the library, where he picks out random books to read. As the afternoon goes on, he makes a stop at the flower shop before going to the Battle Dome, where he sets up the simulation for Erica.

And then finally, in the evening he spends a shift serving at Seventh Heaven, while also taking some time to practice his cooking. After all, he needs proper skills in order to defeat his cooking rival: the fearsome Mecha-Sanji.]
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[And here is a bushy-browed youth addressing the video feed, with a mix of anticipation and dread.]

Greetings, people of Luceti! Rock Lee here! Currently, I am training hard so that I can try my hand at becoming a jounin! I would be glad to accept any and all training partners. However... Please only see me before the fourteenth!

After all, I must warn all newer people of the holiday that is coming... the day of the Valentines. On such a day, the Malnosso have been known to use their shifts to twist our emotions! They force on us... the feeling of love! Those who were caught under the mistletoe may have some idea of this effect...

My advice, is to exercise caution! In fact, I intend to seal myself within the Battle Dome once the time comes until I am certain it is over! Please do not come to find me. Alternatively, if you do find me, and I seem to be under the effect of the shift, I ask you to do all that you can to overpower me and keep me restrained until it passes! I thank you all in advance...


[Basically, Lee can be found doing waiting at Seventh Heaven, while training at the same time. He can otherwise be found performing intense training around the village, within the Fllame Building or the forest, or at the Battle Dome.]
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This is a fourth wall catch-all post for Rock Lee ([personal profile] niceguypose), Kurt Wagner / Nightcrawler ([personal profile] wildbluevagner) and Mytho ([personal profile] soheartless). Just specify who you want in your comment.

[Rock Lee can be found almost anywhere in the village. But wherever he is, he's bound to be engaging in some sort of training.

Find Kurt manning the coffee shop! Either with his image inducer on or off!

As for Mytho, he wanders aimlessly as usual. But he stops to dance in the plaza near the fountain. Alternately, you can find him in the process of falling from a tree or some other height while trying to catch some wounded bird...]
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[It's the holiday season. So Rock Lee manages to take a break from preparations he had been making throughout the month to address the journals. He looks excited and energetic as he delivers this message.]

Greetings... People of Luceti! I have come to address you regarding several matters. One of them? It is the day which is swiftly approaching...

Yes, the one which is known as "Christmas". I will be glad to edcuate others regarding it, as I only learned about this holiday here in Luceti! You see, it is based around the spirit of generosity and giving gifts to others. And the most important figure? A powerful figure known only as "Santa", who makes it his goal to deliver presents to everyone across many worlds! His talent seems to exceed that of possibly any other shinobi who is known of...

With that in mind, we must prepare ourselves. After all, last Christmas, I was able to see the man from a distance. The all-powerful Santa-sama was able to come even here to this enclosure to deliver presents. I do not doubt that he will appear again. I still would like to help him however way that I can. For instance, we must collect information on who is "naughty" or "nice" around the enclosure, so that Santa-sama knows who to pass judgement upon. Everyone should also compose letters and lists of what they wish for Santa-sama to bring them. I will do my best to collect these messages for his sake! Or, perhaps you can try to find one of his elves. I have not seem them within the enclosure yet this year! It is possible that they are only appearing when we are sleeping... But regardless, this is what to look out for:

[And he includes an image of this. As a horrific reminder to everyone who was around last Christmas. He then gets a bit more pensive.]

The last matters I have to speak of... They involve Rapunzel-san, who has been gone from this enclosure for nearly a month now. In her honor, I wish to enroll everyone in the village into the art club. Please join us! I can think of a number of tasks that could help to keep the club fun and engaging, so there's no reason not to join! Additionally, her absence has left poor Emil-kun without a sparring partner. Would anyone like to volunteer to battle him in her place?

[And as he brings his message to a close, he assumes the nice guy pose - giving a thumbs up and a shining smile to the video feed.]

Keep all that in mind. This has been Rock Lee. Please enjoy your springtime of youth!

[Filtered to Naruto]

Naruto-kun. I have a special task in mind for you.
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[What connects the phrases "Rock Lee" and "dislocated knee", aside from the fact that they rhyme? Well, the two things are part of the same person after Rock Lee tried to fight off the droids when the time came to come to the moon. And why did he feel so compelled to resist them? Well, such a pain in his heart comes out soon enough. Once he finds that the journal is still on his person and is still working, he shouts into it the reason:]



Feel free to weep. Gai-Sensei never saw shame in shedding tears of youth, after all, and I am sure that they will be missed dearly. At home, they will fight on bravely.

In addition to our current predicament, I understand that it is almost Halloween. Many worlds refer to it as the 'holiday of disguise'. A very appropriate holiday for the ninja, don't you think? Furthermore... I shall honor Gai-Sensei by disguising myself as him.

[Action: Throughout Event]

[It's odd. Lee does not feel alone, as he expected to. But he feels afraid of the very possibility of feeling that. So, there's less attention to personal space than ever - and he's seeking out friends new and old as he travels through Malnosso World. You may even find him towing around a reluctant NPC friend. He's the least impaired by the power cap as well, since all of his strength and speed is from personal training. He makes regular lap around the area in search of more companions, while constantly ignoring his knee's pain. And if you catch him on Halloween, you'll certainly find him dressed as Maito Gai. Which... does not look very different.

In Cartoon Land, he trains! What better way to make use of the complete lack of physics than to perform impossible feats and absurd spars with them? Beware as he challenges passersby into battles that will often take place in fight clouds!

In Bubble Land, he examines the surroundings and takes notes! Not to mention that he winds up going on the love-paddle rides. In fact, it almost becomes like an addiction because of the way it puts his fear at ease.

In Casino Land, he takes his hand at games of chance! With spectacular failure. And he may just need to be held back whenever he tries attacking a machine in frustration. He has better luck at the food court, where he collects all the curried dishes for himself - including all of the weirdest ones. He spends more time here after the Halloween incident.

In Junior Land, it's time to relive the most youthly part of youth! He checks out most of the attractions but focuses on the bumper cars, sparing no mercy towards his rivals. He spends time in Thrill Land and Halloween Land as well. Trying out all the death-defying rides! Being the most impatient youth in line! Murder mysteries!

He spends his offtime at a villa inhabited by Usopp, Shikamaru and Luke Triton. He may feel the need to camp out in some of their rooms on different nights, and it all builds up to the Halloween Incident: when Usopp brings him sake, the result is a drunken Lee who wrecks the villa.]
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[Rock Lee is framed in front of the forest, facing his open journal. And several feet to either side are none other than Rapunzel and Ikki, both now with their own green jumpsuits. Rapunzel stands tall (as tall as her petite build will let her, anyway) with her hands on her hips, looking intensely off into the middle-distance. Ikki stands short, since she’s several heads taller than the other girl (...whoops), and her own stance is automatically something more native to an airbender, although she’s trying to look serious. She may or may not be trying not to giggle, though. ]

Youth! It is the most passionate and heartbreaking time of our lives. The springtime of youth! And it is a time that need never end. Just look at Gai-Sensei! His youth is preserved with age. And so our youth shall endure through our springtime of youth! Behold! Two of my own students here in Luceti... Rapunzel-san, also known as the Glamorous Yellow Tunneling Horror! And Ikki-chan, the Gracefully Circling Pink Bird of Prey! They are loyal and formidable. As for me, I am Konoha's Beautiful Green Wild Beast, Rock Lee! Together, we represent the future of Luceti!

[He does punches and kicks at the air.]

Yeah, it’s the springtime of youth! [ Ikki sounds fairly enthusiastic, although then she relaxes to derail herself, baffled. ] ...Although actually isn’t it the summertime of youth, ‘cause I’m pretty sure it’s summer... [ She’s not 100% sure what Lee means sometimes. Most times. ]

[ Rapunzel breaks form for a moment, puzzled. Ikki raises a valid point... ] Couldn’t summer be the time of youth, too? Shouldn’t we be youthful all year round?

That is correct! Just as youth is for all times of life, so does the springtime of youth extend for the whole year! [He gives a nice guy pose and then focuses back at the video feed.] Lately, as an extension of our youth, I have focused my training on the attainment of flight. It is a dream many laugh at and mock... much like most youthful dreams of youth! But I see the truth. The other month, the spirits possessed us, and our wings became incredible and graceful! So I believe, more earnestly than ever, that proper training can break us through this chrysalis phase we are currently in... and we shall all become flight-capable youths! Being here for a year, myself... I can almost feel the metamorphosis occurring! Join us if you wish. Let all us like-minded youths assemble... a flying flight club of flying youths!

The sky’s the limit!


[And with that, they all make matching nice guy poses - flashing thumbs up to the camera matched with shining smiles.]


[One can also find the three embroiled in a training session in the forest!]

[Responses will come from... all three of them?!]
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[A bushy-browed ninja in New Feather pants is lost in the tunnels, at the time when the draftees return home. Rock Lee hasn't quite processed that he's back in Luceti, yet - or rather, his memories are jumbled somewhat. In a sense, he thinks he's still on or near the battlefield he was on at home. And a loss is still weighing heavy on his heart.

He alters between a state of panic and attempts to focus. He tries to hide where he can when people approach, and he may attempt to either tackle them or survey them to see if they are friend or foe.

Eventually he does leave the tunnels when he realizes he is in Luceti. Some of his normal exuberance is drained as he makes his round of the stores in order to recollect his things. And unless he's intercepted in the meantime, he eventually steels himself to head towards Community House 1. He has to see his roommate again - he has to see Neji again.]
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[It has been far too long since Lee last saw Izumo Kamiki, during the Valentines experiment. It bothers him - after what he's been through with Rapunzel and Sakura, he has to see how things are with her. He's beginning to suspect she may be avoiding him, but he cannot let this continue forever. In such a situation, particularly for one who possesses ninja skillz, there are a number of reasonable options available. He could try to figure out where she resides and try to visit her there. Or he could simply try using a filtered message over the journals.

Lee chooses none of those options. Instead, he scours the library, every book he can find, in order to assemble an impressive mound of every book he can find that qualifies as a romance novel. Now he's absolutely certain that she must actually enjoy these books so it's only a matter of time. And to increase the chances? He clips out many pictures of baby foxes to form a trail leading to the pile of books. And so Lee hides behind the nearest bookshelf and peers through a gap between books in hopes that she will eventually come along in search of one of the novels. It is a plan completely lacking flaws.

Otherwise, he can be found at other points of the day jogging around various areas of Luceti or at the Battle Dome setting up a simulation with random enemies.]


[He takes to the journals at some point. With Kankuro recently arrived in Luceti, one primary thought on Lee's mi-]

Sakura-san, we should spar sometime soon!

[Okay, aside from that. One primary thought on Lee's mind has been the chance that Gaara could also appear in this place at any time. And clearly, the first thing on his mind would be an all-out rematch with Lee. So he decides to poll the people on their ideas.]

Also, other people of Luceti! I would like to pose a hypothetical challenge to you. Say you had to fight a man who could control sand itself! How do you think you would defeat him in the fairest way possible? For an extra challenge, you can restrain yourself from utilizing any special abilities!

[ooc: There should be an ooc post going up soon but just a heads up: Lee should be getting sent home for a canon update on Monday, and he'll return after the draft. It should also be noted that he may be very depressed for a time afterwards, so this post may be kind of the last hoorah of a joyful Lee for the time being.]
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[Lee had been going about his daily routine as usual - or seemingly so - on this brand new day. But there were some omissions he had not noticed; he did not check the journal to see if Sakura had any new messages, nor did he look out for her at all as he ran throughout the village. And then? His jog came to a sudden halt as he caught Izumo Kamiki out of the corner of his eye. He found himself collapsing to the ground with the sudden rush of feeling.

Those eyebrows... why had he not noticed how beautiful they were? And immediately, he thought of other things that suddenly seemed compelling about her. The way she cared for her fox, the romance novels she seemed interested in reading... There was no choice. He would have to romance her. So he ran off to the flower shop and the library to make preparations.

Later that day, Lee could be found jogging through the village in search of Izumo. The difference? He is now balancing a titanic vase on his head, which is filled with dozens of flowers. On top of that, there's a romance novel sticking out of the pocket of his flak jacket. He is young and in love, and he couldn't feel better.]


[And at some point in the day, Lee sees fit to write a simple message in the journal.]

Youth is love.

[ooc: Lee's triggers can be found here. Some of them are tentative to a degree but he's primarily open to be bounced off of!]
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Rock Lee sees all the new people and sees a challenge. He rushes back and forth, looking to perform whatever tasks are asked of him by the newcomers to have them settle in. He can show up pretty much anywhere, attempting to investigate these mysterious wingless people.

And here's Kurt. He knows something weird's going on while his holo-watch stops working. He tries to be careful in how he goes outside - after all, all the people recognizing him from a stay in Luceti that he doesn't remember is weird. But it's possible to catch him while at a snack raid at the grocery store, or trying to look cool and stoic at various vantage points throughout the village.

And Ralph is torn. Part of him wants to lock himself in his room, away from all the noise. But then he gets his hopes up about running into someone he knows, even just someone who'll know what he means about life being a video game. So he'll curiously poke his way around the village to see who he can find - and to try to keep Vanellope out of trouble.

[ooc: Pretty much a tag-all for my other characters - Rock Lee ([personal profile] niceguypose), Nightcrawler ([personal profile] wildbluevagner) and Wreck-It Ralph ([personal profile] gonnawreckit). While Aang is here. You know the drill, tag with whichever of the three you want.]
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[Christmas Eve. The dawn of a new day. A day on which Rock Lee is determined to either overcome this legendary ninja known as Santa Claus that he has head of - or to become him.]

Action: Lee's Morning Routine )

Action: Lee's Gift Delivery )

Action: Fight Lee )

[Accidental Video: Christmas Day]

[He stumbles into his room around 6 AM and collapses at the feet of his Christmas tree, being passed out until the afternoon. Lee wakes up to see a present tucked under his arm. There are a few holes poked in the box, but some stirring within... signs of life? He quickly takes apart the box, hoping whatever's in there is still alive.

And once it is opened, a familiar squirrel scampers up his arm and onto his shoulder. Lee finds himself smiling fondly.]

Ah... Could it be? After all this time... [He reaches over to pet the squirrel, smiling brightly.] It is good to see you again, old friend. I am glad you are well. Thank you, Santa-sama... so very much!
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[Lee is back in action on a brand new day. In the morning, before performing his usual workouts, he takes some time to prepare curried chicken soup to deliver to Rapunzel, assuming she still has her cold. And afterwards, amongst his jogs around the village and general intense workout routines, he takes some more time to prepare for his and Sora's Christmas plan.

Ever since that talk with Sora, Lee has set a new goal for himself and has started undergoing preparations. He doubts that this "Santa" will show up here in Luceti; so he plots to become Santa. He stops at the library and reads several books to get ideas of what different worlds and cultures think of this man, who must be nothing other than a Hokage-class ninja. Maybe even more powerful... His other stops include the item and clothing shops to collect accessories associated with this holiday, often with not-so-subtle attempts to be covert. He may spend some time people watching for signs of actions both benevolent or dubious. And finally, he spends some time running along the beach to collect as many seashells as he can carry to help Sora make them into what he calls "wayfinders".

But even so, he feels uneasy about this plan. What if there are key parts of Santa's legacy he is missing? How is he supposed to determine the difference between nice and naughty? And what if they want something other than seashells? So he decides to take to the journals, without playing his hand.]


Rock Lee here! Konoha's Beautiful Green Wild Beast! And I come with good news for this holiday season. I have it on good authority that the one known as "Santa" shall be arriving for the beloved Christmas holiday! And - and I am doing my best to act as his ears, eyes, mouth and every other body part! So, I will accept any intelligence that you have freely. For example, the sleeping schedules of yourselves and others, and who you would classify as "nice" or "naughty", including your own honest assessment of yourself. Finally, what would your ideal Christmas present be? I can communicate all of your wishes to the mighty Santa-sama all in due time!
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[News traveled through the building that morning faster than than bright green elevator. Naruto's room was empty. Lee, passionate with tears, was quick to volunteer to report this, not exactingly leaving room for comrades to chime in. Some of them could be near him in the hallway as he shouts into the journal - and of other other CH1 residents could be attracted by his loudness.]

Some of you may be aware of the existence of Uzumaki Naruto, a fellow ninja of Konoha. He is one of the bravest people I know, a true hero and someone who I one day wish to engage in an all-out fight. But he... Naruto-kun has gone back home. The battle awaiting him there is one of the most arduous endeavors imaginable, so... please wish him your best.

I shall shortly depart to the Seventh Heaven and eat as much ramen as I can in honor of my dear, departed comrade. May the strength of this food reach him somehow and empower him with even more youthly guts!


[So there he goes off to start his day gorging on ramen at Seventh Heaven, taking a large table with an opening for many friends. And he spends the rest of the day afterwards working it off. About two hours in the Battle Dome and various training exercises throughout the evening and night as he also patrols around in search of danger. Feel free to run into him at any of these points.]


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